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For Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

•How much does it cost to use Connect?

Connect does not charge for its service.

•How long do I have to work each week?

Working hours can be as required by the employer. However, it often depends on the client’s individual circumstances/preferences. They can work a small number of hours each week or more.

•What if it doesn’t work out?

Most employees go on a trial four week contract work, at which stage the situation can be reviewed and if it’s agreeable, the contract is extended. Even if it doesn’t work out, the time spent working for the organisation will have been of benefit.

Benefits to Employees

•Valued social roles.

•Inclusion in the community.

•The chance to earn money and build their skills.

•Increased self-confidence and the chance to fulfill ambitions.

Supports Offerred to Employees

•Assistance in identifying job vacancies and applying for them.

•Initial on-site training for the employee and ongoing support in the job until such a time as support is no longer needed.

•Support in integrating the employee into the work environment.

•Ongoing support for both the employer and the employee.

For Families of Employees

Connect offers advice and contact at any time with our dedicated staff team. Our Job-coaches welcome family input and dialogue on how the work placement is progressing. Family members often offer valuable information in getting to know the employee and support a great deal from home.

Support is available also from the Family Forum, which Sunbeam House run. The forum facilitates families to come together to discuss issues relating to every part of their family members life, not just employment.

Contact a Job-coach

What people say

Visit our testimonials page and see what people have said about us. There are videos, photos and more.


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