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Frequently Asked Questions

•Will it cost to receive this service?

Connect does not charge for its service.

•What is the time commitment involved?

Working hours are generally dictated by the employer. Some employees work a small number of hours per week while others work more.

•What if it doesn’t work?

Most employees start on a four week trial work contract, at which stage the placement is then reviewed. If both parties are agreeable the contract is then extended. If however the work placement is not successful, the time spend working for the organisation will have been of great benefit to Connect, as it will provide us with a clearer insight into the employees skills and what might work better for them in their next placement.

•What kinds of jobs are currently filled?

There are a variety of positions that our clients are able to fulfil, including office work, general operators in factories, gardening, maintenance, cleaning, shop assistants, crèche assistants, working in pubs and hotels, catering, nursing homes, schools, charity organisations, garages and hospitals.

Benefits to Employers

• Promotes the business and enables them to be seen as an Equal Opportunities Employer.

• Enhances staff morale by encouraging a diverse and progressive work culture.

• It proves a cost effective method of recruiting and attracts flexible candidates in applying for positions.

• Advice on available employment grants and schemes.

Supports Offered to Employers

• Assistance in identifying job vacancies and finding suitable employees to fill them.

• Initial on-site training for the employee and ongoing support in the job until such a time as support is no longer needed.

• Disability Awareness training for all members of staff as required and advice on general disability issues.

• Support in integrating the employee into the work environment.

• Ongoing support for both the employer and the employee.

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