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This cookie is a Google Analytics cookie which has combined 3 different types of Google Analytics cookie:

_utma - containing domain identifier, unique visitor ID, timestamp of first visit of that visitor, timestamp of last visit, timestamp of current visit, total visits by visitor

_utmb - containing domain identifier, pages viewed in session timestamp of last time cookie was set.

_utmz - containing domain identifier, timestamp of the visit from a source (other website), total visits by the visitor, total number of sources the visitor has come from over the life of the cookie, details of the other source (website).

Details of how the cookie may appear on your computer are below:

d4dad6935f632ac35975e3001dc7bbe8 - Session cookie for the website 1ee73a388da0bb7ec3d7afe3beccac53 - Session cookie for the website - might be the name of the cookie stored on your computer after a visit to the website.

The cookie has a 2 year expiry date.

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Your Feedback

We welcome any feedback regarding the site, or SHS in general. In both cases, the individual does not need to supply any personal details if they do not wish to do so. All feedback is treated in strict confidence. Please send any website feedback to

The Trust does not send out unsolicited emails and users should not open any messages that they are unsure of the contents or the sender. All content is checked for viruses, however this does not stop malicious software from generating hoax messages purporting to be from SHS. We are not responsible for any damages or loss caused by these emails.

External Links

We shall do our best to ensure that external links are suitable and complimentary to the content of each page. These will be clearly defined as separate from this site and in full working order. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and availability of these sites or the information provided by them. Users are advised to refer to similar disclosure statements as this on the linked website.

These terms and conditions are subject to change and usage of the site is an implied acceptance of the above statement. Any user that has any queries about this statement or any material on the website should contact us by emailing

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